Another Reason Not to Skip the Gym

You already know that exercise can make you feel better when you’re in a bad mood, energize you when you need a boost, help you look and feel your best, reduce the look of aging and give you a head-start on healthy living, but now you’ve got an even better reason to get moving during your day. Latest studies show that exercise can prevent over 25 diseases later in life! Read on from Self Magazine:

Sweating by the Numbers

The benefits of hitting the gym- a leaner body and that feel-good high- are practically immediate. Now, a review published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice tells you what all those sweat sessions add up to down the road. Researchers looked at more than 40 studies on the benefits of exercise, and found that if you keep moving regularly now, you can prevent over 25 diseases and health conditions later on. We went ahead and crunched the numbers to give you some extra reasons to lace up your sneaks today. Take a look!

Workouts lower your risk of…

Breast Cancer by 30%

Depression by 28%

Heart Disease by 50%

Colon Cancer by 40%

Hip Fractures by 41%

Though they don’t list all 25 , I’d bet money that type II diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis are on this list of preventable diseases too.These are excellent reasons to keep moving! Heart Disease is becoming the biggest killer in America and every little bit of prevention can help you.  You can be active in many ways throughout your day, even taking multiple trips up the stairs are a step in the right direction. Be healthy and get that body ready for the future!


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