Get Your ZZZ’s

Getting enough rest is sometimes a battle, but now more than ever you should try to get to bed on time. This tid-bit is from Women’s Health Magazine:

Today’s Workout: Sleep

Exercise protects against cancer- but only if you get enough shut-eye.  In a study of nearly 6,000 women, those who did moderate exercise (like walking) for one hour daily and slept less than seven hours a night had a 47 percent greater chance of developing cancer than exercisers who snoozed seven hours or more.  Being active improves immune function, which helps prevent cancer, but skimping on z’s reduces immunity, says author James McClain Ph.D., of the National Cancer Institute

If you have trouble getting to sleep, try to make your bedroom a ‘sleep only’ room. Stop falling asleep with the TV on in the background, and if you plan on falling asleep by 11, stop watching TV at 10. Give yourself an hour of total relaxation time without mobile devices, or laptops before bed.  Make sure your room is dark and quiet; and dropping the temperature to 68 degrees also helps ease your body into sleep-mode.  If you live on a noisy street you should try a white noise machine to drown out unwanted noise, or purchase a set of earplugs.


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