Shorten Sick Days with Exercise

Starting to feel a little under the weather and not sure if you should work out or not? The golden rule: if your cold is in your head or throat, you can still work out, but keep it low to moderate intensity. If your cold is in your chest, or if you feel achy or feverish, stay home and get your rest!

Shape Magazine had this to say:

20 Minutes of Daily Exercise that Can Cut Sick Days in Half

That’s if you’re working out at a moderate intensity (or higher) for most of your sessions. Plus, when regular exercisers do get ill, their symptoms are 41% less severe than those of their couch-potato counterparts. Researchers say that every time you work out, the circulation of bacteria- and virus-fighting cells in your body increases, and over time that bolsters you immunity against colds.

Already ill? Experts say you should skip your workout if you’re coughing, achy, or have a fever.

It’s common to pick up all sorts of bacteria while at your gym, so make sure to wash your hands often and always wipe down machines before use.


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