Trouble Spots

Anyone new to exercise always asks the same question “what’s the best exercise for this?”- they could be asking about their abs, butt, thighs, calves, arms, chest, etc. The translation comes down to- “does spot training work?”. The answer to that is frustratingly yes, and no. While you cannot burn all the fat off of one area and spare the rest of your body, you can improve muscle tone in one area while reducing fat all over. While this may not be the answer we want to hear, it is the truth; you cannot put all your energy into training one area and expect the results you want to see. This short article from Fitness Magazine does give a little hope to those of us trying to ‘fix’ certain areas of our bodies:

Train Trouble Spots First

If you’d like a tighter tush, start your workout with booty moves. Turns out, exercise order does matter, according to a new study. Researchers had one group work their chest and upper back before their triceps and biceps, while another group did the opposite routine. After 12 weeks, each group saw the best results in the muscles they worked first. Why? You tire as your workout progresses, making it harder to do a consistent number of reps and keep good form, says study author Roberto Simao of Rio de Janeiro Federal University in Brazil. This strategy works for all major muscle groups, so whether your goal is trim thighs or toned abs, hit that area first to get the results you want.


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