Germ Fighting

Everyone has their own germ paranoia- some of us more so than others. Whether you’re someone who wipes off a soda can lid with an alcohol wipe before drinking from the can, or someone that has no trouble following the five second rule when food hits the floor, here are some good germ fighting tips to follow. From Fitness Magazine:

The Truth About Your Germ-Fighting Habits

Your mom always warned you not to sit directly on public toilet seats or stand around people with colds. Was she right? We asked our expert to Weigh in on four preventable steps.

Holding your breath when someone sneezes-

Verdict Do it. It takes a certain number of microbes to make you sick. If you can cut down the number you come in contact with, you give yourself a fighting chance. “But an easier move is simply walk diagonally away from the sneeze so you won’t inhale the germs,” says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., microbiology and immunology at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

Flushing the toilet with your foot-

Verdict Do it- sometimes. The spray from the flush launches a million microbes into the air, so it’s better to close the lid and use your hand. If there’s no lid to trap the spray, Tierno recommends flushing with your foot as you turn your head away so you get as far away from the flying germs as possible.

Wiping down silverware at a restaurant-

Verdict Do it. Applying friction will help remove any germs that may have gotten on the cutlery from servers’ hands. But it’s more important to wash your hands before eating, since the wine list and menu usually aren’t cleaned or replaced regularly.

Lining the toilet seat in a public restroom-

Verdict Not Necessary. To catch something, you’d have to expose an open wound on your legs or butt immediately to germs left on the seat.

Here are 4 good tips from to keep germs at bay.

4 Germ-Fighting Tips By Laura Sullivan

1. Make bubbles. You’ve probably heard about having your kid sing “Happy Birthday” twice so he washes long enough, and that’s good. But it’s the friction that really matters. So teach him to scrub hard enough to whip up some suds, then send those germs down the drain.

2. Sanitize smartly. In a pinch, squeeze on the hand sanitizer, but read the label carefully before you choose one. An effective hand sani- tizer needs to have at least 60 percent alcohol to kill bugs, says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., an associate professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University.

3. Spot-clean. No need to make everything in the house look clean all the time. “It’s not dirt that you are looking for, it’s germs,” says Tierno. “Paying attention to the high-traffic areas where germs linger, like countertops, phones, and doorknobs, is more important.”

4. Wipe on. Love wipes? A new study discovered that wipes used in hospitals transferred bacteria from one sur-face to the next. The easy fix? Use each wipe on only one surface, and then toss it.


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