Yoga On The Brain

For those of you who regularly engage in the healing power of yoga, you now have even more reason to strike a pose. This short article comes from Fitness Magazine.

Mind Bender

Hitting the mat can actually beef up your brain’s stress defenses, a new Harvard Medical School study reports.

Adults who practiced about 27 minutes of mindful activity a day, including gentle yoga and meditation exercises, had significant increases in grey matter in eight weeks, specifically in the parts of the brain that help regulate emotions and stress. “We believe that these changes reflect increased brain activity, which helps explain why the benefits of practice continue throughout the day, not just while you are in class,” says Sara Lazar, Ph.D., the lead study author. Find a great yoga routine at or add up little doses of calm during your day by closing your eyes and taking slow deep breaths until you feel at ease. Ahh.


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