Waist Size

Attention ladies, this one is important!

Another super-short article today, from Shape Magazine:

Flat Belly Benefit

Lose inches, save your breasts.

Toned abs can do more than help you rock a bikini. they may also protect against breast cancer, reveals a new Harvard study. Researchers found that women with larger waistlines were more than twice as likely to develop the estrogen receptor (ER) negative form of the disease than those with slimmer middles. “The visceral fat in the midsection has been associated with insulin changes,” says study author Holly Harris. “Over time, that can lead to this type of breast cancer.” ER-negative breast cancers account for 30 percent of cases, often striking younger women. Take charge by exercising regularly.

*A waistline of 35 inches or more is unhealthy.

I should also mention that a waistline of over 35 inches in women can lead to other serious illnesses. It is a big factor is heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and other cancers. Exercise focusing on your midsection will help strengthen the muscles underneath, but it will not burn up the fat like magic. Cardio and all over body resistance training will help reduce your overall fat percentage; and help you lose that middle.  Even walking at a moderate-to-fast pace a few times a week for 20-30 minutes can help you lose inches around your waist.


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