Body Mass Index- No More?

Many of us are familiar with the traditional Body Mass Index chart- but new methods may soon be replacing what we have come to know as our weight guideline. This, from the National Council on Strength and Fitness:

BAI the New BMI?

  A new index is being proposed to replace the long standing Body Mass Index (BMI). Rather than a stature weight index using weight divided by height squared, the new Body Adipocity Index relies on height and hip measures (at the level of the apex of the glute or maximum extension of the buttocks posteriorly in a horizontal plane). The BMI system has several potential problems as it does not delineate composition nor does it supply differential values between men and women of the same height and weight. For instance, a male who is 5’9 and weighs 180 lbs is very different compositionally than a female of the same stature and weight. Additionally, more muscular individuals are consider unhealthy even though they may maintain a low body fat. Using a Mexican-American population study, a team of researchers from USC created the new index with validation of the proposed formula using DEXA scans. Researchers also applied the new index to a group of African-Americans suggesting the formula works across different races. Although authors suggest it still needs some fine tuning and validation in health outcome studies, the index certainly shows promise as a possible replacement to the BMI currently being used in medical offices and to predict national weight trends. (Obesity, March 2011)



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