Snack Pitfall

Every diet has met with the midnight craving, the after dinner dessert menu or the 2pm snack craving at your desk. This little article from Fitness Magazine offers up a trick to stop the diet pitfall.


Think More, Eat Less

The next time you’re craving ice cream, picture yourself spooning up a big bowlful and that may curb your appetite. In a study at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, people who repeatedly imagined eating a candy munched up to 50 percent less of it than those who didn’t visualize themselves chowing down beforehand. Thinking again and again about eating food can give you a head start on getting pleasure from it, which can lead you to consume a smaller amount, explains Joachim Vosgerau, Ph.D., an author of the study and associate professor of marketing at the university. Visualize eating an indulgent treat at least 30 times and you may just end up with some leftovers on your plate.


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