Give Your Eyes A Rest

Computer screens, mobile phone screens, televisions screens, handheld video game screens, there are screens everywhere! These tips from Brigid Sweeney at Women’s Health can help you preserve your eyes in the face of all these screens.

Preserve Your Eyesight

Excessive time with technology aside, the quality of your eyesight depends largely on your genes. Yet another thing to blame on the ‘rents: You’re more likely to need glasses if Mom and Dad both wear them. Still, you can do a lot to keep your eyes healthy.

And when it does come to technology, take breaks from long periods of time in front of your screen. Allow your eyes time to de-focus on objects around you- for example place find two objects in your direct field of vision, one up close, like a pencil holder or coffee mug, and the other further off, like a bookcase or door frame. Practice focusing on one object for ten seconds, and then the other for ten. Also allow your eyes to completing de-focus and ‘zone out’. This relieves tremendous strain on the eyes. Also, when using laptops and mobile devices put them below nose-level to promote blinking- when you always have to look up at a screen, you will blink even less!


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