Foods That Pack a Protein Punch

Lots of fast-food places advertise “healthy”alternatives and most of us know that those alternatives aren’t much better than the unhealthy meal- but what about everyday foods? If you’re looking for the healthier choice, and particularly for this article, the better protein choice, this little article will help you out. Taken from Oxygen Magazine’s ‘Pick It Kick It’:

 Pump Up Protein

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain it, eating a mix of high-protein and low-glycemic meals is your best approach for both goals, shows recent research from The New England Journal of Medicine. The study found that people who lost a lot of weight (at least eight percent) were better able to maintain their weight loss because, by eating more satiety-enhancing meals, they felt fuller between meals. This helps to reduce your overall calorie intake and, in turn, spur weight loss. Here are a few simple food swaps to boost your fullness levels.

Pick It- Protein shakes made with a cup of low-fat milk, a scoop (about 30g) of protein powder and a handful of frozen berries make fore a perfect mix of low-GI carbs adn high-quality protein.

Kick it- Fruit smoothies may sound like protein shakes, but are really just calorie bombs with little staying power. A 16-oz size at McDonald’s has around 300 calories yet only 1g of protein and 4tbsp of sugar.

Pick It-Pumpernickel bread is one of the lowest glycemic breads you an buy. Add a serving of turkey breast or lean roast beef, plus a tbsp of low-fat Greek yogurt to really amp up the protein.

Kick It- Cornbread is not only high-glycemic, but it also contains 6g of fat, which spikes the calorie count to 188 for just one piece. That’s a high cost for wimpy satiety power.

Pick it- Soybeans with pearled barley is a nutrient-packed side dish, containing fiber, B vitamins and protein, and is considered both low-glycemic and high protein.

Kick it-Jasmine rice is a common side dish that can lead to overconsumption due to its low-protein and high-glycemic profile. Even adding chicken isn’t likely to amount to fullness.


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