How Fat is Your State?

New data from the National Counsel on Strength and Fitness shows obesity on a steady rise in America. Obesity is a factor in several serious health issues, ranging from diabetes and heart disease, to stroke and even death. With so many Americans not only overweight, but obese, the cost of health care will also rise along with these weight trends. Health Care costs for obese patients in America is in the Millions each year, and now with childhood obesity become a serious issue, pediatrics centers are faced with even more challenges to accommodate patients. Obesity is a serious issue that is not something the government must fix, but something each of us must fix. Want to see how your state rates? Check out the information below from

2011 Updated Obesity Statistics

  • 12 states now have obesity rates above 30% (4 years ago there was only one)
  • 20 years ago no state had obesity levels above 15% (today 38 states have obesity levels over 25%)
  • Regionally, the highest obesity levels are in the South (9 of 10 states with highest obesity rates)
  • Mississippi has had the highest obesity rates for the past 7 years running
  • Fastest growing number of obese per capita are in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Tennessee
  • In 1995 only 4 states had diabetes rates above 6%. Today 43 states have diabetes rates over 7%
  • Highest obesity rates are among racial and ethnic minority groups and the least educated and poor
  • Adult obesity rates for African Americans are over 40% in 15 states, >35% in 35 states and >30% in 43 states
  • Adult obesity rates for Latin Americans are above 35% in 4 states and over 30% in 23 states
  • Adult obesity rates for Caucasians are over 30% in 4 states (Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and West Virginia)
  • 33% of adults who did not graduate from high school are obese, compared to 21.5% who graduated from college

Obesity Rankings By State

Mississippi (34.4%)

Alabama (32.3%)

West Virginia (32.2%)

Tennessee (31.9%)

Louisiana (31.9%)

Kentucky (31.5%)

Oklahoma (31.4%)

South Carolina (30.9%)

Arkansas (30.6%)

Michigan (30.5%)

Missouri (30.3%)

Texas (30.1%)

Ohio (29.6%)

North Carolina (29.4%)

Indiana (29.1%)

Kansas (29.0%)

Georgia (28.7%)

South Dakota (28.7%)

Pennsylvania (28.5%)

Iowa (28.1%)

Delaware (28.0%)

North Dakota (28.0%)

Illinois (27.7%)

Nebraska (27.6%)

Wisconsin (27.4%)

Maryland (27.1%)

Maine (26.5%)

Washington (26.4%)

Florida (26.1%)

Alaska (25.9%)

Virginia (25.9%)

Idaho (25.7%)

New Hampshire (25.6%)

New Mexico (25.6%)

Arizona (25.4%)

Oregon (25.4%)

Wyoming (25.4%)

Minnesota (25.3%)

Nevada (25.0%)

California (24.8%)

New York (24.7%)

Rhode Island (24.3%)

New Jersey (24.1%)

Montana (23.8%)

Vermont (23.5%)

Utah (23.4%)

Hawaii (23.1%)

Massachusetts (22.3%)

Connecticut (21.8%)

District of Columbia (21.7%)

Colorado (19.8%)


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