Flooding from Irene

Though we remained relatively dry, our neighbors and surrounding towns were not so lucky. I thought I would post some photos of the damage and flooding in NJ for all of you to see. There has been so much damage it’s almost surreal to see these photos.

These photos were taken from fan submissions on NJ.com and NJ.com’s facebook fan page.

Some locations featured include:


Pompton Lakes









South Bound Brook

Bridgewater (Specifically in these photos the TD bank ballpark)

Waterloo Village in Budd Lake

New Brunswick Rt 18 Rt1

Also a video submission from Manville.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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2 responses to “Flooding from Irene

  • jeffersanthon

    I am very grateful to have left Hillsborough, NJ–which became an island–and went to Mount Laurel (west-central jersey down to west south jersey, by Cherry Hill/Moorestown). We had wind, and rain, and several tornado watches that has my ass clenched tighter than the new guy’s in jail, but my parents, my families experienced very little to no damage. I am grateful that Christi was pre-emptive with declaring a State of Emergency, and having mandatory evacuations, because I’m certain this could have been a lot worse. For those who were expecting apocalyptic-style storms, sorry you were let down. I’ll blame that on media hype. But being stuck inside for a solid 36 hours when you don’t want to be becomes tedious and tiresome. Let’s hope things get repaired rapidly… my house in Hillsborough, as I was told, wouldn’t get power back until Sept 4th. Lucky it was restored early this evening, but… there are some who have it real bad.

    • SuzieSloth

      For some folks in North Carolina it was absolutely an apocalyptic storm! There has been so much damage up the coasts it’s unbelievable. I’m just relieved that my family and friends are all safe and dry. We took a drive over to South Bound Brook today and it is under water. I feel so sorry for people who lost their homes. I haven’t gone over to the wildlife preserve over by the river- I’m hoping they relocated the animals but honestly, I fear the worst :( Glad to hear you and your family are safe!

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