Angry Mob Murders Gay Man

Whether or not you support gay rights, I think you’ll agree that HUMAN rights cannot be denied. This article is horrible enough to read on it’s own- but the accompanying video is hard to stomach.

Original article can be found here:

Gay African Man Beaten, Burned Alive by Angry Mob

If it sounds like we’re being vague here (Africa is a big, big place), it’s because the details surrounding this video are hard to come by. One thing everyone agrees on however is that the victim in this video is gay. Several media outlets are claiming this nightmare went down in Uganda, but again, we’ve seen no evidence locking down a location or even a name for this poor man.

Real talk, this is the most graphic and shocking example of violence we’ve ever seen in our lives. This video is not for the faint of heart. Hell, it’s not even for most human beings. We honestly argued with one another here in the UB office over who had to cover it, because none of us could even stand to make it all the way through the video.

A gay man is beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry mob in this video, doused with some sort of flammable liquid, buried under a pile of wooden rubble, and then set ablaze. You will cry. You will want to throw up. You won’t make it through the video.

It’s graphic and disgusting and the saddest thing we’ve ever seen. But this man was reportedly one of us, and nobody even seems to know his name. How could a man be turned into his own funeral pyre by dozens of hateful attackers somewhere in our world without anybody even knowing where it all went down?

No matter who he was, or why he was subjected to this torture, this mystery absolutely must be solved. And those responsible must be brought to justice. And if it does in fact turn out that this killing occurred in a nation that criminalizes homosexuality and allows murder to go unpunished, then this harrowing result of that political and cultural climate must be shared with the world to shame that country into changing their ways.

Link to Video below:


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