What Your Ad is Really Saying

And the victim blaming continues. I understand that the central message behind this campaign is ending dangerous drinking behaviors- but this group is going about this message very, very incorrectly. This article is reposted from ‘Feministing’.

PA Liquor Control Board to teens: Rape is your fault, and your friends’ fault!

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board recently released a new ad campaign, Control Tonight, that attempts to curb teen drinking. Their case? Don’t drink too much, or else you’ll get raped, but hey–that’s your fault, because we warned you!

One ad features a young girl’s legs, underwear around the ankles, as she lays on what appears to be a bathroom floor. The text reads, “She didn’t want to do it, but she couldn’t say no.”

The campaign even blames the victim’s friends–the Control Tonight website reads:

“Calling the shots starts with you. What if you didn’t watch out for your friends during a night of drinking?”

The campaign blatantly shifts the blame onto victims and friends, and away from the very person who deserves it: the rapist.

While the board may have had good intentions, these ads show that rape culture is alive and well in our society. Alcohol is definitely a huge factor when it comes to sexual assault, but in no circumstances is it ever the victim’s fault. Again we see our culture continuing to teach “Don’t get raped!” instead of “Don’t rape.” And instead of teaching people how to make sure they’re properly getting consent from someone they’re hooking up with, our society perpetuates a mindset that makes women feel guilty for a crime committed against them.

Call or email the PA Liquor Control Board and ask them to pull the campaign: 1-800-453-PLCB (1-800-453-7522), or contact@controltonight.com

The ad:


Source: http://feministing.com/2011/12/07/pa-liquor-control-board-to-teens-rape-is-your-fault-and-your-friends-fault/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


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2 responses to “What Your Ad is Really Saying

  • lilithrose76

    wow, i’m dumbstruck by this ad campaign, no – rape is never the victims fault.

    • SuzieSloth

      Incredible, right? I can’t believe that this ad made it through proposals, a board, and somehow into the media. Was there no one that looked at this ad pre-production and thought “We can’t run this”? Also the shift from the victim, to the victim’s friends being at fault is just as bad! This way the ad agency can feign ignorance and say ‘it’s not victim blaming, but a feature on friends looking out for one another’. It’s all-around a low, terrible ad campaign.

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