Montclair Sends a Message of Hate

As you may have heard, Montclair State University (MSU) has been in the news lately due to some bias-crimes against the LGBT community. The response from the gay and lesbian community, as well as its supporters, was one of  tolerance and resilience. The community held an educational lecture and had several tables set up at an event aimed to expand respect and acceptance toward the LGBT community. After an exceptional event, MSU bigots struck again, this time they lashed out against black students. This article explains further:

Hatred Found in the Heights

*Breaking News* Anonymous racist messages written on door and walls

– By Tanja Rekhi, News Editor

In the wake of the peaceful rally in support of the LGBT community yesterday, black students were targeted with hateful graffiti consisting of anonymous racist messages written on doors and walls of the Heights.

“Nigger black bitches you will die wit da phages,” was written on one door last night. The walls have also been marked with derogatory terms.

The message has caused an uproar within the African American community and many have taken to e-mailing university president, Dr. Susan Cole. Students have voiced that they are angered that the administration has not immediately acted upon the incident—notably occurring during black history month.

Aisha Salaam, president of the NAACP at MSU said, “As NAACP president this is not something I tolerate; I don’t take it lightly. I feel as though if we call each other the ‘red hawk family,’ we need to act accordingly.”

While some students are questioning the safety of the campus, others have  come together and have begun planning a rally at the Student Center scheduled for 3:00 p.m this afternoon.

More to come on Montclair’s administrative response.

These image have been provided by Andre Schneck of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

It’s sad, to say the least, that this level of ignorant hatred is being rampantly and brazenly spewed across a campus whose goal is to expand and enrich the minds and lives of young people. I hope that the school and community finds and punishes these participants for their threats of violence against others. Everyday I feel that we, as a culture, take several small steps backward. Has it only taken us 60 years to forget?

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